Mule deer on winter range

Oregonians are making a Difference

Two important bills were recently passed by the Oregon State Legislature. House Bill 2829 establishes  the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund (separate from the General Fund) to support the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to meet growing needs for research and conservation management to preserve sustainable wildlife populations for all Oregonians. House Bill […]

Help Oregon Watch Out for Wildlife

As development and recreation grow in Central Oregon, migratory wildlife like Mule deer are losing out. Their habitat is being fragmented and their ability to move between summer and winter ranges is impeded by growing traffic volume, unregulated recreation 24/7 in the Deschutes National Forest and development of corridors and winter range needed for their […]


Watch out for Wildlife: Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Wednesday, May 22 | 6pm – 8pm Join us for a critical look at the intersection of transportation and wildlife migration through a series of documentaries and a discussion with key partners working on behalf of wildlife conservation. Panel discussion with Sara Gregory (ODFW), Lauri Turner (USFS), and Sidney Bowman (ODOT). FILMS Cascade Crossroads: Chronicling […]

Deer on the Move, Driving Safely

 Deer are designed to move across the landscape to find forage, shelter and genetic diversity. This is more difficult in summer months when there are thousands of vehicles traveling on Highway 97.  In Deschutes county, this is an historic migratory corridor. Deer cross the highway and feeder roads to reach summer range in the Cascades […]

The Winter Range Story

What is winter range? Winter range is habitat deer and elk migrate to in order to find more favorable living conditions during the winter. Winter range is found predominantly in lower elevations of central Oregon and is extremely important to mule deer survival. Winter ranges usually have minimal amounts of snow cover and provide vegetation […]

Deer Crossing the Deschutes River

Deer need water, and they need a buffer between them and human disturbance. When a deer sights a human, it stresses at 200 meters and flees. This can cause many deer to permanently abandon much needed usable habitat.  As wildlife habitat continues to degrade and fragment due to human disturbance, deer are having difficulty surviving.  The […]

Deer Hurt in Our Yards

It isn’t obvious to most people that strings of lights, hammocks, pails, tomato baskets and fencing can be deadly to deer and keep them from safe passage. Every day, ODFW gets called out on at least one rescue call to free a deer from a yard hazard. Most can be quickly removed or modified. A […]